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MADISON COUNTY BAIL BONDS IS AFFILIATED WITH JEFF BROWN BAIL BONDS located in Springfield Ohio.  Feel free to contact Jeff Brown Bail Bonds at 937-399-2255 if you have any questions.  Jeff Brown Bail Bonds Springfield office is located at 12 W. Columbia in downtown Springfield.

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Our agents make the bonding process easy and quick.  We can meet in London to help speed the release process for your loved one.  Call 740-852-2828 for immediate assistance.


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How much does a bail bondsman charge?
A bail bondsman in Ohio charges a 10% premium of the full bond amount. For example, a $10,000 bond will cost a $1,000 premium. Once the premium has been paid, the bondsman will post the full amount of the bond and the defendant will be released from jail.

What information do I need to post bail for a friend?
When you call a bail agent you’ll need to know the defendant’s full name and the location of the jail, and charges, and the bond amount.  The more information that can be given to the bail agent the quicker the process.
Do I need to provide collateral to get bail money?
Depending on the amount of the bond and the severity of the alleged charge, a bail bondsman can require collateral to be signed over. Collateral is in addition to any paid premiums and could be cash, property or any other asset. The purpose of collateral is to help guarantee the defendant appears in court.

After bail is paid, how long does it take to get out of jail?
Bail agents are always available 7 days a week, so our response time is fast. Even though we can post your bail quick, it depends on different factors on how soon the defendant is released... how crowded the jail is at the time the defendant is waiting to be released and sometimes shift changes effect release times..

For more information on an Ohio bail bond or to speak with a bail bond agent, call Jeff Brown Bail Bonds at (937) 834-2277. We have locations across Ohio and can connect you with a local bondsman who can meet you at the jail or even your home. We have a nationwide network of bail agents and we are here to help.



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Madison County Bail Bonds 740-852-2828 for all your bail bond needs.  We provide service to all Ohio with agents available in London, Urbana, Marysville, Columbus, Springfield, and more.

Bail Bonds services for London Ohio call 740-852-2828 for immediate help. We have agents available in London and other areas.  Fast and dependable bail bond company.

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We have quality agents that are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call the local agents that you can rely on.  We have agents available throughout Ohio. 


We have posted bonds in Urbana Ohio for over 20 years.  Call the company that you can depend on.  Our TriCountyBailBonding phone number is 937-834-9999.